Is Lotus Casino Online Legit?

Are you someone who wants to play online casino at lotus casino but is stuck with a genuine doubt, Is lotus casino online legit?

Lotus Casino 247 is not only online legit, it is registered and licensed by the government.

In this article, we will show you how LotusCasino247 is online legit and not like other fraud casino sites. We will guide you on how Lotuscasino247 is online legit, what we offers and clear all your doubts about our legitimacy.

What is Lotus Casino?

Lotus Casino is one of the best online casino and betting sites in India. It allows the user to bet on 10 live sports events happening per day.

We, at Lotus Casino, give an amazing choice to our customers, who can play online skill games and bet by using their knowledge. There are a lot of methods which you can use to bet in online games by using your expertise.

After winning, you can earn real money and withdraw your rewards quickly and easily, anytime from our websites.

There are no restrictions on playing and the users can bet on sports such as tennis, cricket, badminton, football etc. The players can also take part in the live casino event which opens for a whole day.

Rules to know before playing on Lotus Casino

While playing at Lotus Casino, there are some rules which you should comprehend. Here are some rules which should be clear before playing:

Cheating is not allowed- If a player gets caught cheating, he/she will receive a permanent ban from the gaming site. His/her money will also not be refunded.

Trolling or flaming other players is prohibited- You should respect all other players as well as be friendly towards them. This will enhance the gaming experience for everybody.

Play at your own risk- Please play online betting games on your own responsibilities. Casino gaming can be addictive and sometimes risky for an individual. You should play betting games only if you have some extra money or you can afford to play such games.

Though LotusCasino247 is a secure and reliable game, you don’t need to fear losing your money to a fraudster, still, it could be addictive and one should play at their own risk.

Is Lotus Casino legit?

With a simple and user-friendly interface, LotusCasino247 is a genuine site. It is one of the most trusted casino sites in India.

Lotus Casino provides smooth, convenient and trustworthy gaming for our players. You have the option of betting on the best casino games and sports events.

The customer care service is also available 24/7 throughout the whole day. If you face any problem, you can immediately contact them.

Lotus Gaming has the latest digital gaming technology to provide you with the best gaming experience without any difficulties.

You can withdraw your earnings instantly after winning matches. Just by connecting through Whatsapp, you can withdraw your payments.

After joining Lotus Casino, you will get a welcome bonus which you can use to bet on sports and your favorite matches.

To conclude, it can be said that we, at Lotus Casino 247 provide a reliable, safe and secure casino gaming platform in which you can play and have fun.

Which games can you play?

At LotusCasino247, You can play bets in Cricket, Tennis and Live dealer games such as slots, roulette, blackjack etc.

In cricket, you can bet on the most popular and famous teams in India. You can also bet on club cricket. Already the IPL season is going on, so you can have a good time playing at Lotus Casino as many events are going on.

In tennis, the platform offers betting options on tennis games from all over the world. You can bet on any tennis game from all over the world just from the comfort of your home.

In live dealer events, you can play bets in casinos. Casino games include slots, roulette and blackjack. There are certain rooms or groups made in the games. You can join one of them and start betting.

How to Withdraw Your Earned Money?

The money which you win can be transferred by you through UPI. First, the money is credited to your Lotus Casino 247 Wallet. Then the money can be withdrawn within 24 hours of the request.

The access is safe and secure and no third party is involved. You can withdraw your money through UPI, Net Banking, Google Pay, Paytm etc.

The connections are safe and secure and your data remains confidential. No information is leaked or given to third-party agents.

Also when you join the platform for the first time or create an account, you get an instant welcome bonus from Lotus Casino 247.

If you face any difficulty or problem, you can connect with customer care on the platform through Whatsapp. For any queries, you can mail or message us on the Whatsapp number or over the email.


Thus, We, Lotus Casino 247 are a fully legit casino gaming platform and trustworthy. You can play a variety of games and earn money without any hassle.

We also have our mobile app which is available on all types of operating system devices such as Android, IOS or any other OS.

The app is also accessible from tablets and has a great user interface and superb graphics.

The LotusCasino247 is a registered and legitimate gaming platform with a legal Curacao government license. The platform complies with all industry standards and is fully regulated. And we don’t find any reason Why you would not trust us?


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