Which Lotus Casino Website is Real?

There are many fraud websites on the internet under the name of Lotus that scam people and don’t give them their rewards.

In this article, we will tell you which types of websites are fake and how Lotus Casino 247 is the only real and legit casino gaming platform.

Lotus is a very famous brand that operates in the online casino and gambling industry. We are one of the most trusted and legit casino-playing sites.

But due to so much popularity, many people have now started operating fake and fraudulent websites under the name of Lotus to scam people.

These people try to copy the original Lotus Casino website to attract users. The user deposits money and plays games, but they can withdraw their money or earnings. Like this, many players are duped in this way.

Our responsibility is to prevent online casino players from getting scammed and to increase awareness among people. This article will cover the fraudulent websites in detail and tell you which Lotus Casino website is authentic.

What is Lotus Casino 247?

Lotus Casino 247 is India’s original casino and gambling platform operating on the web. The other sites which try to copy it are fraudulent and try to scam users.

With simple and user-friendly graphics, Lotus Casino is a legitimate site. It is one of the most trustworthy gambling sites in India.

Lotus Casino provides comfortable, convenient, and legit gaming for its players. You can bet on the best casino events and sports matches.

The customer care service is also available 24/7 for the whole day. If you face any difficulty, you can instantly contact our support team.

Lotus Gaming has the best digital technology to provide you with an amazing gaming experience without any problems.

You can withdraw your rewards immediately after winning matches. You can withdraw your rewards just by connecting with us through Whatsapp, you can withdraw your rewards.

After creating an account on Lotus Casino, you will get a welcome bonus which you can use to bet on sports events and your favorite matches.

The Lotus Casino 247 is a registered original gaming platform with a legal Curacao government license. The platform complies with all industry terms and conditions. This platform is fully regulated.

In short, we are to build a platform ‘Lotus Casino 247’, a trusted, secure, and original casino gaming platform where anyone can play for fun and money.

The platform provides betting options in casino games, including slots, roulette, blackjack, etc. Other than that, it provides betting on tennis and cricket sports events.

The rewards you earn can be instantly withdrawn through multiple payment options available, such as UPI, Net Banking, Paytm, Google Pay, etc. The money is withdrawn within 24 hours of the payment request.

Lotus Casino operates from its official website only, LotusCasino247.live, the real Lotus Casino website.

There are a few differences between the original Lotus Casino and the fraudulent websites.

You must have figured out which Lotus casino website is accurate. Still, you should also know what makes Lotus casinos separate from other fake websites.

  1. A Valid License: Our official Lotus casino site has a valid license from the Government of Curacao. We are legally approved to operate in casinos and gambling. Also, we comply with all the rules and regulations of the industry. The fake sites don’t have this license.
  2. Secured and authentic payments: The official site gives accurate and secure payments to its users who win bets. The fake sites don’t provide any payments. You will also face problems with the withdrawal options on these sites.
  3. Good reviews and testimonials: The Lotus Casino site has maintained good reviews and testimonials on trusted review sites. You can check our reviews provided on many review sites and websites related to gambling and casinos.
  4. Lotus Casino only runs through its official website: One big difference that you can see between fraudulent websites and Lotus Casino is the domain name and website. The official website of Lotus is LotusCasino247.live

On fraud sites, you would see variations in the site’s name and domain name. However, they will use similar characters to show their website as the original. Still, it will have some variations from our original site.

No cheating is allowed: The original site of Lotus is regulated by responsible authorities. We ensure that no cheating is done while playing, and all the players should behave honestly. If a person is caught cheating, his account will be immediately banned. We always try to keep the game regulated and safe from cheaters.

Why should you choose Lotus Casino 247?

Lotus Casino always provides a good experience for its users and keeps them first. Here are the reasons why you should choose Lotus Casino 247. –

  1. Customer-first policy: The Lotus casino always keeps its users first. The site has a good and simple user interface. Our contact team is available 24/7. If you face any problem, you can immediately contact us. Your query will be solved within 24 hours of the request.
  2. The game is regulated: No cheating is allowed, as we said above. Also, no trolling or teasing of other players is allowed. We respect all the players. We always ensure that everybody gets a good game experience and all players stay respectful towards others. This helps in enhancing the gameplay.
  3. Exciting rewards and secure payment: Lotus Casino offers exciting rewards in real money. After you win a match, the money is instantly credited to your Lotus wallet. After that, you can quickly withdraw it through the payment options available. Also, new users who create their accounts for the first time get a welcome bonus. The payments are made securely, and the user’s data is kept secret and confidential. An extra layer of SSL encryption is added during payments to keep payments safe.


To conclude, we would say that Lotus Casino 247 is the best platform for those who want to earn money, enjoy entertainment, and have fun gambling.

However, be aware of the fraud sites constantly trying to copy the original Lotus Casino and scam the users.

We hope it is clear now which Lotus Casino Website is real. A few points will also clarify the difference between the original site and the fake site. You can be safe from any financial scam with just a few checks.


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