Which Lotus Casino Brand is real?

Do you also enjoy online betting and playing at Lotus casino platforms but can’t figure out which Lotus Casino Brand is real? There are many fraudulent websites on Google under the brand of Lotus Casino, that scam users with their money and rewards.

Lotus Casino is a very famous platform which operates in the online betting and casino industry. We are one of the most trustworthy and legitimate casinos playing sites.

We, at Lotus Casinos, provide the best experience to the fans of online casinos.

But due to the huge popularity of Lotus, many fraudsters have now started operating fake websites under the brand of Lotus to scam people.

In this article, we will tell you which types of casino websites are fake and how Lotus Casino 247 is the only reliable and legitimate brand.

This article “Which Lotus Casino Brand is real?” discusses not only which lotus casino brand is real but also the ways through which you would be able to differentiate between the real Lotus Casino brand and fake casinos.

What is the Lotus Casino?

Lotus Casino 247 is an original online betting and casino gaming platform in India. The other websites which try to replicate it are fraud and try to scam people.

With a simple and user-friendly graphical interface, lotus Casino is a genuine casino brand. It is one of the most trusted and reliable betting platforms in India.

Lotus Casino provides smooth, easy and convenient gaming for its players. You have the option of betting on the best live dealer events and favorite sports matches.

Customer support is available 24/7 to solve your query, and if you face any problem, you can immediately contact our customer care. Lotus Gaming has the best cutting-edge technology to deliver an excellent and smooth gaming experience.

You can withdraw your earned rewards instantly after winning bets. Easily connect with us through Whatsapp, and our team will help in withdrawing money into your bank account.

The real lotus casino brand and Lotus Casino 247 operate from our official website only which is http://lotuscasino247.live/. We don’t have any other duplicate websites with identical or exact names.

Benefits of playing on Lotus Casino 247-

Lotus Casino always provides a great gaming experience to its users and keeps them first. Here are the reasons why you should choose Lotus Casino 247-

Customer is the priority: The Lotus casino always keeps its users first. The site has a good and simple user interface. Our contact team is available 24/7. If you face any problem, you can immediately contact us. Your query will be resolved within 24 hours of the request.

No cheating is allowed in the game: We have a zero-tolerance policy against cheating or using hacks to manipulate the results. Also, no trolling or teasing of other players is allowed. We try to ensure respect for all the players. We always try to ensure that everybody gets a good game experience and all players stay respectful towards others. This helps in enhancing the gameplay.

Amazing rewards and secured payments: Lotus Casino offers exciting rewards in form of real cash. After you have won a match, the money can be instantly credited to your Lotus wallet. You can easily withdraw it through the payment options available. Also, new users who create their accounts for the first time get a welcome bonus. The payments are done securely and the data of the user is kept secret and confidential. To ensure safe payments, an extra layer of SSL encryption is added during payments.


What makes real Lotus Casinos an authentic brand?

You now know about the real Lotus Casino brand but what separates the Original and Fake Lotus Casino Sites? You can ensure the legitimacy of the site and lotus brand using these key points.

  • Checking the Licence– This single step of asking for a license before signing up can save you from facing a lot of difficulties. Which you surely will face after finding yourself in the lobby of a fake online casino service provider. As we saw above, the Lotus Casino 247 holds a proper license that proves its genuineness.
  • Ratings and reviews– Checking the ratings of the previous customers who previously had spent their time will help you get an overview of the site. This step will help you in identifying the real lotus casino brand and its official website.
  • Platform Security measures- Read the terms and conditions column of the website thoroughly. Check if there are any loopholes, check if there is any threat to privacy, and check what rank you hold on their priority list. This security screening step is the most critical one, and most users overlook it, citing it’s boring. But if you care about your money and data privacy then you should go ahead with this step.

We, at Lotus Casinos, always have security measures on our priority. We aim at making this platform safe and secure for all users. Our tight security measures prove the Genuineness of the Lotus Brand.

  • Online research– In this technology era, the internet is something which is accessible to all and by all. Just to double-check, that you didn’t overlook any point while screening, go and research online to make sure it is the real lotus casino brand and its official website.
  • Payment gateways– This is the area where most fraudsters and scammers fail to prove their authenticity. Checking for a secured and end-to-end encrypted payment gateway can save you from being a victim of financial scams, data piracy and other frauds. The official website of Lotus Casinos has a secured payment gateway helping you in withdrawing the money and proving why lotus casino is an authentic brand.


Lotus Casino has been providing the best online casino, betting and gaming experience. But, some fraud sites are using the goodwill of the lotus casino brand to scam players. Knowing the name of the official website won’t do it. You should also be aware of how you can differentiate between fake websites and real Lotus Casinos. What makes a real lotus casino an authentic brand is its genuineness and simplicity, having an obsession with the customer experience and privacy.

We hope in this article, you not only know about the real lotus casino brand but also how and why it is genuine.

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